10 More Interesting Movies (2017)

 10 More Interesting Movies (2017) Cover

There are so many movies coming out soon that have fascinating trailers that I had to do this again. One list just wasn’t enough to cover it all. That said, this list is not an endorsement for these films.

Many of these movies have a lot of warning signs, and could end up quite bad. I’ll be listing both the reason I find the movie exciting, and possible reasons it could go wrong.

In no particular order:

Thor Ragnarok

The good signs: Marvel feels like it’s unstoppable. Almost everything they touch is fun, playful, and entertaining. The trailer has a cool retro vibe, awesome sci fi elements, and Cate Blanchett killing it.

The bad signs: The last two Thor movies are among the lesser Marvel movies. Moreover, Marvel has to mess up sometime. If there’s a time it’s likely to happen, it may be now. Thor has been the weakest link in the film universe to date.


The good signs: The trailer for Sleight is full of great tension and fascinating dialog. It has seen limited release and a lot of good buzz surrounds this low budget thriller. A selling point for the movie so far is that it shares a producer with this year’s Get Out, which was a breakout hit for horror fans.

The bad signs: When you look deeper into it, sharing a producer doesn’t mean anything at all. WWE Studios and Blumhouse Productions picked up Sleight after the fact and had no hand in its creation. The marketing for this feels pretty manufactured, it’s a debut for the director, and the actors lack experience. These should leave viewers wary that the existing buzz may include bias.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

The good signs: Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson together are highly likely to be fun no matter what. The trailer reflects this.

The bad signs: It’s just a trailer. Trailers frequently fail to be representative of the film they are about. There doesn’t appear to be any real substance to this trailer. Movies that try to coast by entirely on star power tend to be not so great.

The Bad Batch

The good signs: Every movie that Keanu Reeves has been in lately has been a beautiful blend of action, story telling, and artistic vision. The rest of the cast also has a wonderfully eclectic film selection. Additionally, I cannot get enough post apocalyptic fiction, and The Bad Batch looks to cater to this very specific genre.

The bad signs: There doesn’t appear to be a lot of substance to the plot. This could end up being a pretty shallow experience.

War Machine

The good signs: It’s Brad Pitt in an energetic quirky role and Netflix. We could see a great actor go wild with all the creative freedom we’ve seen from the likes of Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, etc.

The bad signs: Netflix has absolutely proven they are fallible. Their catalog at this point is completely hit or miss and their brand is no guarantee of quality.


The good signs: It’s Christopher Nolan. Nolan may well be the greatest director of our time, and everything he has touched has become a classic of modern cinema.

The bad signs: More World War II. It’s nearly impossible for me to be excited for another story from World War II. I’ve been steeped in this setting for my entire adult life and I honestly need a few years away from it. This is unlikely to make it bad, but it makes it difficult for me to be excited about it.

The Beguiled

The good signs: Rich in atmosphere and with a fascinating setting, The Beguiled has a cast that can really flourish. This looks like a tense and chilling thriller that could be a horror movie to remember. When a dark story like this works, it works in a way that you remember for life.

The bad signs: It’s so easy for a film like this to dive off into empty gore and poor story telling. Every time I watch something like this it feels like a gamble.

Deadpool 2

The good signs: We have every reason to believe, based on the trailer and the first movie, that Deadpool 2 will be a whirlwind of comedy and action. I’m looking forward to more genre subverting story telling and gags.

The bad signs: There have already been shakeups in the production due to creative differences. Additionally, there is a much bigger budget at stake here. A lot of the original’s charm may well have been because of the limited budget and the sequel may not do well with fewer restrictions.

Free Fire

The good signs: The trailer for Free Fire is filled with unique visual themes and fast paced action. There’s a good chance this could be a refreshing take on modern action and gunplay.

The bad signs: This movie could easily have nothing else going for it, and not even do those things well either. All our hype for this one comes from what we’re seeing in the trailer.

Atomic Blonde

The good signs: An awesome cast, with both great action and acting chops. The action in the trailers is intense and brutal.

The bad signs: In a statement that is just feeling all too frequent, the majority of our hopes are based on the trailer. While the cast and style are promising, that’s all we have.