Video: Breakthrough (2019)

Review Transcript
Breakthrough is the latest Christian film based on an incredible true story. It’s directed by Roxann Dawson, who has directed a ton of television episodes and this is her directorial debut for a feature film. 14 year old, John Smith played by Marcial Ruiz, falls through ice and by the time the responders are able to retrieve him, he is in a fatal condition. Chrissy Metz who you may know from This is Us, plays the overprotective faith-filled mother who is told by doctors that it is not likely John will survive. We get to see the struggles John’s Mom, Dad, and pastor face waiting in a hospital and praying that God will save John’s life.

The mother and son characters feel real and really reminded me a lot of my mom and I when I was a teen. John is a normal adolescent who is going through that phase where he doesn’t want to tell his parents anything. He wears his headphones on the way to school and is embarrassed when his mom tries talking to his friends. You understand his character and also feel sympathy for the mom who just wants to connect with her son prior to the accident.

Chrissy Metz is the best part of the entire film and I think there’s a lot of people who would have failed to capture the emotion and heartbreak that she does.

The film is only 90 minutes but it feels a bit long as there’s a subplot about the firefighter who rescued John not believing in God that could have been cut or they should have spent more time making us care about it. There’s a scene where the pastor of the church is having a meal with his family that could’ve been cut. Anything that deviated away from John and his mom was not nearly as interesting but luckily that was not too often.

Breakthrough is an emotionally moving film that faith-based families and individuals are really going to enjoy. I myself fall into that target audience and so I will admit that my personal experiences with going to church, even working at a church as a media worker, and learning about prayer- all may have affected my positive enjoyment of this film. If you’re someone who does not share these beliefs or if you have a negative view on faith you’ll probably find a lot of dialogue and actions that the characters take to be super cheesy and way over-the-top. However, go check out this movie if you want to see a heartbreaking inspirational true story where the power of prayer saves a boy from what the doctors say is impossible.

This film releases April 17th, a few days before Easter. This would be a good one to go watch after church or after an easter program with church friends or family.

Final Verdict:Breakthrough is an emotionally moving film that faith-based families and individuals are really going to enjoy. Secular audiences may find it to be cheesy.