Treasure Trouble (Austin Film Festival)

Treasure Trouble (Austin Film Festival) Cover

As a light-hearted comedy of errors, Treasure Trouble is a breezy adventure in an underserved genre. Judging Treasure Trouble fairly is a challenge because the genre is so sparse. A well-written series of cascading misunderstandings and accidents is a treat that we only get every few years.

Treasure Trouble follows one night of misadventures through the eyes of Eve, a young woman finding her way in life by treasure hunting along beaches. After escaping an unfulfilling office life, Eve is trying to find who she is and live life on her terms. This proves easier said than done as she finds herself taking on a pirate radio host as a room-mate, finding a hidden gun on the beach, and running over the entire city with her ex and his partner while trying to recover her dog who was taken.

More than anything else, I fell in love with the writing in Treasure Trouble. Writer/director Dan Erickson uses each character to bring something special to the film as a whole. His use of thematic layering is highlighted in the ways his characters relate to the main plot. Every character has a special something that makes them memorable while more tension into the mix.

In addition to the nice thematic layering, there’s also a well-done sense of progression. Each mistake or misunderstanding drives the narrative forward in a compellingly charming way. While the climax doesn’t deliver on the promise of the premise, it doesn’t have to. Would it be a better film if it could? Probably, but the result is pretty satisfying when all the plot threads wrap up.

The climax relies heavily on the performance of Olivia Luccardi in her role as Eve. Olivia delivers on every level, holding the entire film together. The whole film relies on her ability to pull the audience into the chaos of her life and she pulls it off. While there are minor weaknesses in some of the other cast members, Olivia manages to stand out and lift their performances up as they play off of her. It’s an interesting studying in watching as an actor raises the overall production quality around them.

For a film about the chaos of pursuing the life you want as you try to shed one that didn’t quite fit, Treasure Trouble is beautiful. This one is going to be a gem and a bright spot in your day.

Final Verdict:An entertaining comdey of errors.