Air (2023)

Air (2023) Cover

Ben Affleck has put together a film that takes inspiration from films where the protagonist faces a multitude of uphill challenges, but still finds innovative and creative ways to accomplish the established goal. Even if the audience doesn’t care about shoes or sports, the audience will admire and want to see our determined charismatic lead win.

Based on true events in 1948, Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon) is a new marketing hire for Nike who is tasked to design a new sports shoe brand. With full-on-throttle determination, Vacarro wishes to take a gamble on creating a shoeline for, at-the-time, rookie basketball player, Michael Jordan. Jason Bateman and Ben Affleck portray a marketing VP and CEO of Nike respectfully, who hire Sonny but also express their doubts at seeing Sonny’s vision with the Michael Jordan shoe line succeed.

Air boasts an engaging script from beginning to end that is inspired by a true motivational underdog story. Alex Convery, who wrote the screenplay, has penned characters with thoughts that feel real and relatable. It feels like the events portrayed happened exactly as screened or very close to how we see them unfold. Despite the fact that we know that the Air Jordan shoe brand goes on to be a major success, it is still incredibly fascinating and attention-grabbing to see a time where characters were worriedly doubting and expressed a significant amount of fear, because it’s what any true trailblazing entrepreneur feels when they are starting a new endeavor. 

Air is enthrallingly informative; you will be rooting for the lead protagonist due to his relentless determination. That script gives each actor a moment to shine; Viola Davis as Michael Jordan’s supportive mother is a charm to see. She acts with Jordan’s best intent in mind and Davis truly feels like a mother figure. 

This review is a bit late so if you have yet to see Air, I highly recommend checking it out for its incredible informative / entertaining screenplay and talented charming cast.

Final Verdict:Informative / entertaining screenplay and talented charming cast.