Chicago The Musical

Chicago The Musical Cover

Chicago is now playing at The Hobby Center in Houston, TX until February 12th, 2023 and is presented by the wonderful Houston-based group Theatre Under the Stars. This dazzling musical, celebrating its 25th anniversary, contains a surge of energy, catchy jazzy show tunes, and a humorous script that is sure to put a smile on your face. The narrative contains themes (portrayed surprisingly light-heartedly) around murder, obtaining a defense, and getting the media to “spin” a story in one's favor.

The choreography by Ann Reinking (in the style of Bob Fosse) is the standout element of the production; there are so many in-sync dance movements set to the music throughout the show; I was impressed when one instrument made an abrupt noise and a character responded promptly with that sound. 

In the song, “We Both Reached for the Gun”, cold-blooded murderer Roxy Hart (Katie Frieden) talks to the press but says everything that her lawyer, Billy Flynn (Jeff Brooks) instructs her to. The song has her lawyer right next to her, with his hand behind her back, looking as if he’s controlling Roxy’s movements like a puppet to impressively communicate the point that her statement is essentially her lawyer’s words. Clever decisions such as these coupled with the humor seen repeatedly throughout the show, make Chicago a show worth venturing out to see.  Additionally, the music by John Kander is so upbeat and, despite being decades old, still holds up by 2023 standards and fits the choreography so well.

The script is a hoot! Although, because comedy is infused throughout the drama, it does take away some of the eeriness and dread that may have otherwise been present when seeing a story involving crime. Nonetheless, Chicago is certainly going for a more upbeat dark humorous tone as opposed to a serious suspenseful thriller. Go into the show with the expectation to laugh and be heavily amused. I think most will really enjoy it.

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Final Verdict:Contains a surge of energy, catchy jazzy show tunes, and a humorous script that is sure to put a smile on your face