Video: Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019)

Dora, played by Isabella Moner, is an Explorer who was raised in the jungle and for the first time is going to high school and she’s made fun of because of how she sings and dances just like in the cartoon. This conflict was funny because everyone else is acting how you would expect high school kids to act and at the same time, this may connect with kids who feel made fun of because of how different they may be from their peers.

This live version makes fun of how Dora asks questions to the audience just like in the cartoon. When Dora looks into the camera and ask the audience a question, her parents actually say “Oh, she’ll outgrow that”

The movie begins with a young Dora and her cousin Diego as very close explorers who get along. When Diego moves to the city at a young age he gets used to the city life and is embarrassed of his cousin who still likes to sing the “Backpack” song as an adult.

I thought seeing an adult actress playing such a pee-wee herman character would be cringy but because everyone else also sees it as a little weird, I was fine with it because they play it off that she is weird because she never grew up around city kids and it all felt realistic

Unfortunately, her cousin Diego and friends are thrown into an adventure to save Dora’s parents and this is where it all becomes very predictable and silly.

The antagonist is weak, the twist is underwhelming, and the adventure itself lacks any real excitement.

The obstacles are easily overcome as Dora seems to know how to solve every challenge that comes their way; figuring things out that the audience would have had no way of guessing.

Not surprisingly, there is a lack of real danger.

This is a recommendation for families with kids.

Final Verdict:The adventure lacks any real excitement as the obstacles are easily overcome. Nonetheless, Dora is a recommendation for families with children.