Dr. Seuss Experience in Houston

Dr. Seuss Experience in Houston Cover

Houston! The Dr. Seuss Experience is now at the George R. Brown Convention Center until August 15th. This event will transport you and your family / friends to the different creative worlds of Dr. Seuss. I had the chance to attend an exclusive sneak-peak event so I can let you know what to expect if you are considering attending. 

Balloon Room

After arriving to the convention center and passing the merch/entry area, you will enter the main lobby room which features a balloon maze (from Oh the Places You'll Go!)! This first room has a fun puzzle solving activity which involves looking for words on the colored balloons which are color coordinated to a Seuss quote that has blanks within the quote painted on the wall. Match the colored blanks with the colored balloons and uncover the insightful quote!

There's 8 additional Dr. Seuss rooms all attached to this main balloon entry area (for a total of 9 rooms). After completing a room you will exit the room by heading back to the balloon area and selecting a new room to enter. 

Here's a list of the other different Dr. Seuss worlds you will enter:

  1. The Lorax - swing amongst the trees!
  2. Cat in the Hat- make a mess by throwing paper into a machine that shoots them HIGH in the air!
  3. Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? - explore a variety of machines featured in this classic tale; organize gears that can then be turned, see balls be levitated with a machine that shoots consistent air pressure, and throw felt balls into a machine that sucks them up and shoots them out from the top!
  4. There's a Wocket in My Pocket! -  one of the bigger rooms that features a living room area filled with Easter eggs hidden throughout; you will have to listen carefully to the audio playing in the background to notice all the little subtle details of each room.
  5. Horton Hears a Who! - this is a fun room to take photos in! (see photo below). Unlike the Lorax that has tall tress this room has small ones. I had fun making an Instagram Boomerang clip of me laying low in the flowers and jumping as high as I could.x
  6. If I Ran the Circus - this room will appeal to kiddos; the circus swings move in a circle very slowly and spinning the circus wheel will give each participant a move to act out (from acting like you are diving, to marching, and more!)
  7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - this room was my favorite! If you like some competition this room involves a game where two teams use a fishing like rod with a hook at the end to see who can fetch the most Christmas presents from the town of Whoville in 60 seconds.
  8. The Sneetches and Other Stories- this room is the most simplistic and rather small but appears to be larger than meets the eye due to having tall mirrors on all 4 sides. Upon entering you are greeted by multiple Sneetch characters.


Horton Hears


Additionally, Seuss characters will be roaming around. We were fortunate enough to take photos with Mr. Grinch himself and The Lorax!

Tickets are on sale here for $33 per adult and $27 for kids 1-13 year olds. Infants under 12 are free. Additionally, you can get 4 tickets for $26.25 a piece by buying a family four pack. Follow @experienceseuss on social media to get the latest updates. Also, follow @eskimo_tv on instagram to see photos taken during this spectacular event!