Newsies, Theatre Under the Stars

Newsies, Theatre Under the Stars Cover

If you're looking for a dazzling night out filled with electrifying performances, unforgettable music, and a heartwarming story, look no further than Disney's Newsies at The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts! Presented by Theatre Under The Stars, this musical is an absolute must-see and runs through June 2nd. Tickets are currently on sale at, so grab yours now and prepare to be amazed!

The music in Newsies is incredibly catchy and will have you humming along long after the curtain falls. From the rousing anthem "Seize the Day" to the spirited "Carrying the Banner" and the powerful "The World Will Know," every song is a standout. Alan Menken, the musical genius behind Disney classics like *Beauty and the Beast* and *The Little Mermaid*, has crafted an array of upbeat, infectiously catchy tunes. With their loud choir pop anthems, these songs will have you bopping your head from beginning to end.

The choreography is nothing short of spectacular. The large ensemble dances with upbeat energy, turning every musical number into a visual feast. The set design, a clever mix of practical sets and projection effects, alongside spot-on lighting, enhances the storytelling beautifully. Warm colors like yellow and orange bring daytime scenes to life, while cool blues and purples create enchanting night scenes, giving a true sense of time passing over multiple days.

The cast is phenomenal, led by the charismatic Pierre Marais as “Jack Kelly,” with Calien Fu as the determined “Katherine Plumber,” Ben Diamond as the steadfast “Davey,” Christina Wells as the vibrant “Medda Larkin,” Graham Rowat as the formidable “Pulitzer,” and Luis-Pablo Garcia as the endearing “Crutchie.” Their performances, alongside a talented ensemble, bring unparalleled levels of singing, dancing, and acrobatics, making every moment on stage a visual and auditory delight.

Directed by Ryan Scarlata, with music direction by Stephen W. Jones and choreography by William Carlos Angulo, Newsies tells the extraordinary, true story of a group of newsboys who became unlikely heroes. They stood up against the most powerful men in New York, fighting for fair wages and better working conditions in a story that’s both energetic and inspiring.

My parents and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Disney’s Newsies, and I highly recommend that you seize the day and get your tickets now! Don't miss out on this exhilarating and heartwarming show. Visit to purchase your tickets and experience the magic of Newsies live!

Final Verdict:With catchy tunes and stunning choreography, Newsies is a must-see; Seize the Day and get your tickets now!