On Your Feet! The Musical, Theatre Under the Stars

On Your Feet! The Musical, Theatre Under the Stars Cover

On Your Feet! The Musical is a captivating journey centered around the incredible rise to stardom of Gloria and Emilio Estefan! It is a celebration of talent, love, and the power of perseverance; performed by Theatre Under the Stars.

The chemistry between the two leads is nothing short of phenomenal. Their on-stage connection effortlessly conveys the deep belief they have in each other's abilities, mirroring the real-life partnership that propelled Gloria and Emilio Estefan to iconic status. The genuine emotion conveyed by the actors adds an authentic layer to the narrative, making it easy for the audience to invest in their journey.

The first act, lasting 1 hour and 10 minutes, provides a familiar setup, establishing the groundwork for what's to come. However, it's in Act II that "On Your Feet!" truly shines, stepping into its own unique category and distinguishing itself from other musicals of its kind. The story dives deeper into the characters' lives, making the audience relate to the struggles, triumphs, and sacrifices that paved the way for their success.

A standout aspect of the musical is the lessons surrounding letting go that Gloria's mother learns through tragedy and also the pressure Gloria feels from Emilio. Despite their status as international stars, these characters remain relatable, adding a layer of humanity to their larger-than-life personas.

The musical's soundtrack is a pulsating homage to the dance-floor hits that defined an era. With iconic songs like "Get on Your Feet," "Conga," "1-2-3," and "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You," the audience is taken on a nostalgic journey through the infectious beats that made Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine a household name.

The choreography deserves special mention, as the dancers bring the conga songs to life with infectious energy and precision. The sets contribute to the immersive experience, allowing the audience to be transported into the heart of the story.

"On Your Feet! The Musical" showcases the enduring power of music, love, and resilience. With its unforgettable performances, stellar chemistry between the leads, and a soundtrack that will have you dancing in your seat, this production is bound to leave a lasting impression on the hearts of its audience.

On Your Feet! runs through February 11th!

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