Video: Run (2020)

Run is an extremely intense thriller that comes from the director of Searching, Aneesh Chaganty, who has yet another incredible film on his hands and you should all go watch it! I am a fan of Aneesh’s work. 

Newcomer Kiera Allen portrays a wheelchair bound teenager named Chloe who begins to believe that her mother Diane, played by Sarah Paulson is hiding something dark from her. The first act of this film involves Chloe realizing that she is being given a pill that is not prescribed to her. With no phone or access to the internet, Chloe creatively and quite interestingly tries to discover what the pill she is being given is for  and what unfolds is absolute madness and some might even say horror.

The acting from our two leads is phenomenal and captivating! For an hour and a half you get to watch Kiera Allen intelligently attempt to figure out why her mother has been so overprotective. Additionally, her being bound to a wheelchair creates some limitations with how she is able to move around and that dynamic is uniquely relevant to key parts of the story. Sarah Paulson is psychotically mysterious and yet plays the part of a mom convincingly well. Once you figure out her skeletons in the closet she has a very dark side to her I do not want to discuss too much but will simply say that Paulson’s performance is astounding and can be quite terrifying. The way she contorts her face and expresses herself vocally is so appealing to watch because she does so in such a chilly yet believable way that does not come off too over-the-top or underplayed. Her parts are perfect.

Torin Borrowdale, who worked with Chaganty on Searching, composed the music for this film and it effectively adds to the thrills. It’s the music you’d expect from a suspense film but it is performed at the best moments and is never used to falsely scare the audience.

The pacing in Run is top notch, with something new and intriguing turning the story in all sorts of directions. Chaganty and Sev Ohanian wrote the screenplay and it held my attention from beginning to end. 

This is the best thriller I’ve seen in a long time! I do wish this had a theatrical release but happy this is finally going to get watched and have some attention.

Final Verdict:Phenomenal acting intertwined within a thrilling screenplay!