Video: Selena: The Series - Part 2 (2020)

I’d like to thank Netflix for allowing me, Jason Escamilla, your Corpus Christi-native host of EskimoTV, to see the first seven episodes of Selena the Series: Part 2 so I could provide you with this review, which will not contain any major spoilers. 

Unfortunately, the screenplay in part 2 is not as strong or as interesting as part 1; the drama  shifts from trying to become successful musicians and Selena hiding her secret boyfriend simply to Selena trying to start a boutique and Selena’s busy schedule overshadowing Chris’s aspirations of starting a new band. Part 1 had more anticipation of wanting to see the underdogs succeed and Selena’s father Abraham putting pressure on the group all while trying to hide a secret relationship.

Selena’s boutique ambitions are only slightly interesting sheerly because many who have not researched her life may not know how much she yearned to have a boutique but beyond that, a casual viewer will not be impressed with the thin story. The young star stretches her schedule thin. From missing a planned family dinner to continuously not being able to respond to a major music studio’s questions and requests, Selena’s life is hectic and the queen of tejano music needed to learn to say “no” to a few things she strived to achieve.

Fortunately, the quirky background music from part 1 is pleasantly toned down. I thought the background music in part 1, while humorous, was a bit over-the-top emphatic and played around what characters were doing and now it feels a whole lot more natural.

The acting from all characters continues to embody these real life stars. Christian Serratos is likable and looks very much like the Selena I remember seeing depicted in photos and videos. Gabriel Chavarria playing Selena’s father is a bit less pressuring but all the same supportive and believes the best for his family. 

This final 2 episodes (which I was not given for review) may be more powerful and create a dent in the impact of the series as a whole but based on the majority of the episodes the content is more likely to be appreciated by die-hard fans (which there’s a clear audience for) to see a side to Selena’s life they had not seen before. 


Final Verdict:A casual viewer will not be impressed with the thin story.