Video: Silver Ticket Projection Screens - A Comprehensive Review

I recently had the pleasure of exploring the diverse range of projection screen materials offered by Silver Ticket Products, and the experience has been nothing short of enlightening. To kickstart our journey into finding the perfect screen that would be paired up with our Epson Home Cinema 3800, we ordered Silver Ticket’s sample kit, which included ten 8 X 10 sheets of various materials. Before delving into the specifics, I highly recommend others to invest in this sample kit, as it proved to be significantly important in determining the ideal material for our unique lighting circumstances.

Our primary goal was to find a 110-inch screen suitable for a room with mostly controlled lighting. Despite the prevailing advice favoring white materials in controlled lighting environments, we were keen on exploring darker-colored materials to gauge their impact on image projection, specifically contrast. The materials that initially caught our attention and that we were the most eager to compare and test were the White, Grey, and High Contrast options, among others.

The High Contrast material, while delivering exceptional contrast and deep blacks, unfortunately, sacrificed vibrancy in colors. In a dark environment, the loss of color was a deal-breaker for us. On the other hand, the white material excelled in color vibrancy but lacked contrast, particularly in dark scenes. It became evident that our preferences lay somewhere in between, leading us to the Grey material.

The Grey material struck a perfect balance, offering vibrant colors and a middle-ground contrast that proved most pleasing for our lighting situation. Priced at $299 for a 110-inch screen on Amazon, it presented a minimal cost difference compared to the $259 White material. The added contrast offered by the Grey material justified the slight increase in price. However, if contrast isn't a priority and vibrant colors are, the White material could be a suitable alternative.

However, I chose to get the 2GS material and that is the screen that you will see setup in my video; it is a slightly different light grey material. The 2GS was extremely similar to the Grey material; but it was softer to the touch, grey on both the front and back (whereas the Grey material is grey on the front and black on the back). These two screens were incredibly similar that if you are paying for these screens I would advise most, if they have a similar lighting situation as mine, to get the Grey material. It’s $299 in comparison to the 2GS’s heftier $459 price tag and looked virtually the same as the Grey material. Silver Ticket allowed me to choose a screen to showcase and review and since I had the freedom to choose, I miniscually liked the 2GS material a hair more for all of the reason I previously mentioned, but I would say if I was paying I would advise most to go with the grey material; it’s a perfect balance. The 2GS is $459 normally, but if you see it on sale, perhaps you can select this screen as I am extremely satisfied with it. There’s another material called 2GP; it is the same as the 2GS except it is perforated so if someone has speakers behind a screen they can get the 2GP material that will allow sound to travel through it. The 2GP is actually the initial material that caught my attention, but I was informed that if I don't have speakers behind my screen to opt for the 2GS. The second day of testing, I put the 2GS and the Grey materials side-by-side and since I was allowed to choose whichever screen I wanted for review, I went with the slightly more premium screen as it felt nicer to the touch and I almost had to convince myself it looked a hair better after looking at various film clips for hours, but once again if I had to pay for a screen I believe the Grey will have most people extremely satisfied if they have similar lighting to mine. 

Installation Experience:
It's important to note that the installation of the Silver Ticket Projection Screen took us approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. From 4:00 pm to 6:15 pm, someone else and I diligently followed the instructions, starting from pulling it out of the box. This duration was notably longer than Silver Screen Ticket's reported 17-minute installation, which is likely the time for a professional.

One of the most challenging aspects of the installation was inserting white rods through multiple tiny holes. This process required patience and meticulous attention to detail as we crinkled the material to fit the rods through each hole. Another strenuous part involved putting a support bar in the back due to a very tight fit. Additionally, having a stud finder and being comfortable with drilling and hammering into the wall is crucial. While I admit I'm not particularly handy, having someone assist made the process smoother. For those less inclined to tackle such tasks, professional local installers typically charge $200-$275. If, like me, you're not confident in assembly skills, consider hiring someone for a stress-free installation.

In conclusion, Silver Ticket Projection Screens offers exceptional quality at an affordable price. The sample kit, priced at $8 post-shipping, is a small investment that can make a significant impact on your final decision. I urge potential buyers to order the kit and test multiple materials to find what suits their preferences and lighting conditions best. While I personally chose the 2GS for its subtle advantages, the overall variety and affordability of Silver Ticket screens make them a top choice in the market.