Spirit Untamed (2021)

Spirit Untamed (2021) Cover

Spirit Untamed is based on the Netflix series Spirit: Riding Free and the 2002 film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, telling the story of Lucky Prescot and her aunt Cora who move from the city to a small town to live with Lucky’s father, Jim. It is here she meets a Stallion that she slowly begins to bond with.

This children's film tries to tug on your emotional heartstrings but in too many departments; from having a distant relationship with her father, to saving a Stallion from an underdeveloped evil horse napper, and to her mother’s past inspiring Lucky in her present. While these are all wonderful narrative ideas, none of them are thoroughly executed in a manner that felt realistic or had me feel any emotion.

The production quality and animation is subpar. Then details within the environment, while acceptable, pail in comparison to the dazzling images Pixar has spoiled us with. Despite featuring several songs, none are memorable.

Although people who love animals or horses may find some enjoyment in the character and plot, it’s all surface level. The primary objective of saving Spirit is underwhelming because the Horsenapper attempting to capture Spirit lacks any depth but is simply a plot device so this movie can have an “adventure” and you can already guess what will happen before you get to the conclusion.

The supporting characters, Lucky's friends, are there simply so Lucky has allies but never feel realistic, unique, or likable due to their forgettable stock personality. Additionally, Lucky meets these friends and there's minimal intteraction between them before their adventure begins.

Although Cruella had some issues with its contrasting tone I would pick that family film over this one if you're looking for a flick to take the kids to.

Final Verdict:Although younger audiences may appreciate, Spirit: Untamed tries to tug on your emotional heartstrings in too many departments, resulting in a resounding surface-level misfire.