Video: The Hunt (2020)

The Hunt is a dark humorous satire, focusing on a group of people who wake up outside in the middle of nowhere hands bound and mouths gagged. These conservative civilians must work together in order to avoid being hunted by their elitist captors. The Hunt is entertaining garbage that I had an enjoyable time watching. Throughout the first 30 minutes, we see multiple characters that you think will be important be brutally murdered! Characters are disposable and there’s not too much depth to anyone; however The Hunt knows it’s satire. It uses its unpredictable anyone-can-die-at-any-time setup to its advantage by catapulting the viewer into an immensely tense experience. Halfway through the quick paced 90 minute slaughter you will eventually follow a likable protagonist played by Betty Giplin who is smart, interesting, and can kick butt! I’m not political and there’s several political underlying messages that went way over my head. However, I was still able to appreciate the dark thrill ride!

Final Verdict:The unpredictable setup catapults the viewer into immense tension that eventually allows Betty Gilpin to engrossingly conclude the brutality of multiple disposable characters.