1776 - The Musical

1776 - The Musical Cover

1776 is playing at The Hobby Center in Houston, TX this weekend only, leaving Saturday July 22nd, 2023. I got the chance to see it on opening night.

Be prepared for a unique modern look at a crucial part of our nation’s history, presented with a unique twist. The mostly all female cast (with some that identify as binary / trans) takes on the roles of our founding fathers. This musical won the Tony Award for Best Musical, Best Direction, and Best Featured Actor when it debuted back in 1969. Today, it keeps that same direction and admirable screenplay that makes it a top notch musical and showcases outstanding talented women, who at the time, did not hold power the same way that men did. The cast choices depict what America may have looked like had women been able to secure influential roles within congress as they are starting to today.

John Adams (Gisela Adisa) begs congress to consider fighting for their independence from Great Britain but the majority of congress rather not even discuss the matter. After much persuasion, independence is discussed and it is agreed that America will fight for independence, but on one challenging contingent: all 13 colonies must unanimously agree in favor of it. This proves to be a daunting task, as we learn there’s a few key members of congress who widely oppose fighting against Britain. How will those who support the patriotic cause persuade those who do not? Knowing all members will not vote in favor of the cause at this exact moment, Benjamin Franklin (Liz Mikel) proposes to postpone the vote until what later becomes known as the Declaration of Independence is drafted (and eventually revised heavily) by Thomas Jefferson (Nancy Anderson). 

Go into this one expecting more of a play that has music, rather than a straight up musical. While 1776 is known as a musical, there’s mass amounts of (excellent) speaking parts and it thrives during those moments. It is incredibly intriguing to see what specific conversations and concerns our founding fathers had when debating whether or not to sever ties with England. It’s also quite humorous; we see the representative of New York consistently not wishing to anger either party, explaining when asked for how they feel on any topic, “I abstain, courteously.” Although the music works, there was not a stand-out memorable song. If you stream the music on Apple Music or Spotify and aren’t completely enamored to buy a ticket, I would say to reconsider because the musical has so many more parts outside of its songs and despite the lack of musical craft, I came out entertained and educated as to how we eventually became a free country (spoiler alert!). 


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