Video: The Art of Racing in the Rain (2019)


A Dog’s Journey part 7 is directed by Simon Curtis and tells about the life of Enzo the dog who is voiced by Kevin Costner. This movie tells how his owner Denny gets Enzo, how he meets a woman he loves, begins a family, and the role Enzo play a part in this family.

The art of racing in the rain has many heart-warming moments but lacks a plot that builds. Instead, it’s just cute dog moments. And for some of you who love watching pets do cute things, that may be enough to warrant going to go check this out.

There’s some funny parts involving Enzo not being fond of Denny’s significant love interest, Eve. There’s sentimental moments involving marriage and a family getting started. But it all seems so close to things you’d see a normal family go through.

Real life is often times not nearly as interesting as movies and that’s why I like to go to the movies– to see out of the ordinary or intriguing situations play out. The art of racing in the rain feels way to simple.

There’s a scene where Eve forgets to feed Enzo. He starts hallucinating and an animated scene with a zebra unfolds that was completely unfunny and did not blend well with the real life elements of this film.

There’s not any real conflict that lingers until the very end. It involves Eve’s parents but by that point I was ready for the film to rap up.

Final Verdict:For pet lovers who enjoy a simple light-hearted story. Those wanting something unique, exciting, and adventurous will be disappointed.