Clue: A New Comedy, Majestic Theatre

Clue: A New Comedy, Majestic Theatre Cover

"Clue: A New Comedy," directed by Casey Hushion, is an enjoyable, breezy 90-minute (no-intermission) comedy that stands out in any Broadway season, especially given its unique presence as a play among the usual lineup of musicals. This production, based on the screenplay by Jonathan Lynn and written by Sandy Rustin with additional material by Hunter Foster and Eric Price, successfully adapts the Paramount Pictures motion picture and the classic Hasbro board game "Clue."

The score by Michael Holland, primarily featured during transitions, evokes a kooky, mystery-laden, vintage Scooby-Doo sound that perfectly complements the hysterical way the characters move around from room to room, whether in a line across the stage or walking in place at center stage. Jeff Human's sound design enhances these moments, adding to the overall comedic atmosphere.

The lighting design by Ryan O'Gara is fantastic, with standout moments such as a scene where a character fires a gun, causing all characters to enter a slow-motion sequence while the entire stage turns blue, making the passage of time seem surreal. Conversely, during a scene where all the characters are making accusations, each accused character declares, “That’s not how it happened,” and all of them rewind as if on a VHS tape, with the blue lighting symbolizing this reversal of time.

The screenplay features hit-or-miss comedy, but most jokes land well. One particularly funny moment is when Professor Plum, portrayed by Jonathan Spivey, claims he, a doctor, can identify if a body is dead, but barely touches the corpse's hand before declaring the death.

The cast is wonderful, with standout performances including Joanna Glushak as the alcoholic Mrs. Peacock, who righteously declares she doesn’t smoke but humorously pulls out a canteen of alcohol (and continuously consumes throughout the production). Her British old lady, Professor McGonagall-esque shrieks and cries are often hysterical.

The set design by Lee Savage is intrinsic and cleverly done. The stage features two doors on each side that turn to reveal different rooms, along with a few rooms showcased by falling backdrops. Despite the challenge of depicting a plethora of rooms from the classic board game, the production does an exquisite job making it all come together. Each set has a vintage look, with beautiful chandeliers and 50s furniture, truly capturing the creepy old mansion vibe from the board game. The costume design by Jen Caprio also fits perfectly into this era, with subtle touches like Mr. Green’s bright green tie and socks, despite wearing a blue suit, and small parts of Mrs. White’s black outfit having pieces of white.

While the play evokes memories of the film "Knives Out" by Rian Johnson, blending suspense, thrills, and laughs, "Clue: A New Comedy" leans much more heavily on laughs than on suspense and thrills. The production doesn’t build suspense or subvert expectations as a fantastic murder mystery would. Instead, the audience is entertained by the whimsical accusations and the big reveal at the end, without any prior hunch as to the true culprit. This is likely why it is advertised as a comedy, which is perfectly fine. However, fans of suspenseful tension and thrillers should lower their expectations in this department. Nonetheless, the comedy, characters, and quick pacing make this production of "Clue" worth checking out.

"Clue: A New Comedy" will be performed in San Antonio at the beautiful Majestic Theater until June 30. Tickets range from $45 to $160 plus fees. Don't miss the chance to see this delightful production!