Video: Happy Death Day 2U (2019)

Review Transcript

Happy Death Day 2U was a fun, exuberantly upbeat, movie that tells the story of a girl named Tree, played by Jessica Rothe, who dies a bunch of times and, just like in the first film, is put back to living that same day over and over again. However, this time she learns that those closest to her are involved.

If you liked the first Happy Death Day, you should really like this movie.

Happy Death 2U is not a horror film as some may think, but is more of an adventurous comedy and it completely works. The pacing in this movie is so tight and perfect, as the story moves along at a rapid pace and it can be appreciated that several complex ideas were communicated tremendously well.

The story satisfyingly answers the one question I wanted answered in the first movie and that is: why is Tree in a time loop? which I will not spoil, but I loved the explanation. It wasn’t cheesy and it felt as realistic as you could make it be.

Jessica Rothe is a freak. Her performance is full of high-energy from beginning to end and she does everything right. She can scream, she can cry, and she can look beautiful with blood and cuts on her face. I had a fun time seeing her do anything on screen! She was anything but one-note and I believe she makes this series as good as it is. Her character, Tree, learns a life lesson about letting go of the past and it was pleasant to see how her character undergoes a genuine change.

Final Verdict:A happy recommendation to you! A wildly entertaining sequel.