Dexter: New Blood (2021)

Dexter: New Blood (2021) Cover

Dexter: New Blood is going  to be premiering on Showtime November 7th. I’d like to thank Showtime for sending me the first two episodes so I could provide you with this review, which will discuss the premise of the new season (no spoilers, other than what has already been released via teasers from Showtime will be mentioned) and my initial thoughts. 

It’s been ten years since the conclusion of Dexter Season 8 and this new miniseries shows us what Dexter’s life has amounted to; he’s built a new life for himself, moving to a tiny town in New York under the alias of Jim Lindsey (which is intriguing since the author of the Dexter novels is Jeff Lindsey- coincidence?). Dexter has a partner named Angela (Julia Jones) who is the chief police officer and Dexter works at a store that sells guns. Similarly to how Dexter would hear from Harry to help guide his Dark Passenger (desire to kill) in the previous seasons, Jennifer Carpenter reprises her role as imaginary Debra, who is the voice that attempts to suppress Dexter’s destructive Dark Passenger and protect him. Dexter’s done a great job in the small town ignoring his urges but this season follows what happens when his urges begin to become relentless. To intensify the drama, Dexter’s son Harrison (Jack Alcott) finds Dexter.

If you are a fan of the original Dexter series this narrative is sure to be engrossingly engaging from beginning to end. While an audience will be more connected to the characters having seen the original series, the plot will make sense to anyone watching and should still spark intrigue.  

New Blood feels invigoratingly different from any of the previous seasons because of the small town (which completely differs from that of Miami) and observing how Dexter has drastically changed in the past decade . It is nice to see Dexter in this unique atmosphere. Each scene is well-captured. While some of the final edits/CGI were unfinished, I can sense that once the color grading and special effects are completed, Dexter: New Blood will be a very nice gorgeous-looking series.

Michael C. Hall is captivating and complex; I sensed that his character feels guilty for his actions affecting innocent lives, such as his sister. Hall’s charming charisma, voice tone, and presence are always a joy to watch. While Dexter seems like he is carrying past guilt he also paradoxingly has a sense of peace at the beginning of this series; he has not given into a single murder, he’s invested in a relationship, and has a job. 

I love that Jennifer Carpenter’s character, Debra, was used via Dexter talking to her in his head- it did not feel forced and was compelling to see a voice informed of Dexter’s past communicate with Dexter, as everyone else in this town knows Dexter as Jim. Carptenter unsurprisingly brings a strong, bold, and relentless performance that is fun to watch. The way she clearly articulates the frustrations Dexter thinks she would have is tremendously satisfying.

The series is fast-paced at setting up the premise and both episodes that I was able to see ended on a cliffhanger, leaving me wanting to see the next one. Dexter’s life is quickly set up and the conflict / drama is introduced in a realistic and compelling way. I am excited to see where the series goes. Producers have said they began with the end in mind and worked backwards from that point, stating it will be an ending the internet will be talking about. I can’t wait to see.

I will be posting video spoiler reviews on YouTube of each of the first two Dexter: New Blood episodes right after the premiere of each episode and may continue to post further episodes if I am sent an advanced screener link for them. Join in on the conversation to see my thoughts and let me know what you think at

Final Verdict:New Blood is fast-paced, realistic, and compellingly set up!