Video: Frozen II (2019)


Frozen II is a sequel to Disney’s 2013 Frozen. It is directed by Chris Buck and Jenniffer Lee and is a decent family film that is not going to be a hit classic like the first, but I do think is a sequel that families and kids will generally like.

The best aspect about Frozen II is that we already care for these characters and so we can immediately dive into new mythology involving Anna and Elsa’s parents as the story has very little setting up to do.

Elsa is concerned when she hears a sound that no one else can hear. Kristoff is figuring out a way to propose to Anna. Anna is concerned for Elsa who appears to be worried throughout the beginning of this movie. Olaf makes funny jokes consistently and has a scene where I almost thought he was going to say, “Mr. Stark I don’t feel so good” The group decide to venture out of Arendelle to a mysterious forest that the sister’s parents had only spoken of. What our characters find in this forest sheds light on the sound Elsa is hearing, the untold backstory of the sister’s parents, as well who Elsa is and why she possesses powers. Oh and there’s music amongst this entire journey.

The music is okay. There’s a mix of upbeat tunes amongst slower ballads. However, I liked the songs from the first film a lot more; after watching this one, I can really only think of playing back the main track, “Into the Unknown”. The first film obviously had Let It Go, Do You Want to Build a Snowman, Love is an Open Door, and In Summer which I’m going to give up my Man Card and admit that I liked those songs.

The protagonists Elsa and Anna share a bond that is sincere, admirable, and I wanted to see them get answers to some of the questions they wonder regarding their parents.

Unfortunately, the weakest aspect of Frozen II is the answers that are eventually given surrounding the mystery. Five different people contributed to Frozen II’s story and I’m sure that this is why several aspects are reaching, convoluted, don’t make a lot of sense, or aren’t told in a compelling way. While I liked seeing these characters and wanted them to accomplish their goal, I found the storytelling decisions to be uninteresting.

With that being said, I do think children, especially those who liked the first, are going to have an entertaining experience seeing these iconic characters back on the big screen and Frozen II is an acceptable family friendly film.

Final Verdict:Frozen II is not as sharp as the original, as it suffers from a convoluted plot. However, admirable characters make up many sweet and comedic moments most families will enjoy.