Video: Love, Victor (2021) - Season 2

Love, Victor Season 2 dives straight into real-life relatable drama; Victor has just come out to his parents and we get to see his parent’s response.  Benji is adjusting to Victor’s slow ease into a publicly gay-lifestyle, Mia is exploring ways to cope with her life without Victor,  Felix and Lake’s relationship develops even further with some intricate unexpected twists and turns.

There’s some great themes within this season- obviously being comfortable with who you are, but also how do you deal with problems created by parental figures who are supposed to be the ones who make life easier but instead they’re making life more difficult, when should you speak up about someone whose in a bad position but they trust you not to tell anyone, and how do you handle heartbreak.

There’s 10 episodes and every single one is incredibly engaging. These characters felt extremely fleshed out. One of my primary concerns was how they would make the drama interesting- it didn’t seem there was much more to do with these characters; I am happy to report that  Love, Victor Season 2 exceeded my expectations in regards to its narrative. Benji and Victor do in fact have more conflict than you’d expect, Felix and Lake’s relationship becomes more complicated once we’re introduced to Felix’s mom, and Mia continues to cope with life circumstances not exactly going her way.

Ana Ortiz who plays Victor’s mom is a wild card this season- she isn’t playing a character who is 100% against Victor or his sexuality but she also isn’t 100% accepting either; that internal conflict of coming to grips with who her son is is communicated so delicately through her nonverbal expressions. Michael Cimino who plays Victor is charming and truly feels newly out, trying to be comfortable in his own skin.

Background music is consistently catchy and sometimes melancholy when it’s fitting- overall, it matches the tone of the show.

Love, Victor is a show that is not only entertaining but can spark a meaningful discussion amongst family and friends and even help steer those who may not know how to handle similar life circumstances.

Final Verdict:Love, Victor is a show that is not only entertaining but can spark a meaningful discussion amongst family and friends.