Video: The Invisible Man (2020)

The Invisible Man is directed by SAW franchise creator, Leigh Whannel, and is suspensefully thrilling.

Elizabeth Moss plays a woman named Cecelia who claims her abusive ex-husband, who has been reported dead, is trying to kill her. Is she crazy or is there someone invisible who is actually haunting her?

The narrative pleasantly surprised me as the film goes bonkers at the end of the second act and keeps the heightened tension through a series of twists and turns till the very end. This is a film that banks on a good performance and Moss delivers energy and realistic terror in each scene she’s in. Aldis Hodge and Storm Reid play a father and daughter who are friends with Cecelia and add some intriguing drama. The beginning’s pacing is a bit slow, as we see Moss walking around as the filmmakers play with our expectations. Overall, The Invisible Man delivers strong performances and an engaging plot full of twists.

Final Verdict:A great lead performance guides intriguing twists and turns!