Video: The Prom (2020)

The Prom is a fun sweet upbeat musical comedy based off the Tony award winning Broadway of the same name. Emma, played by Jo Ellen Pellman, wants to go to her high school Prom with her girlfriend but the conversative high school cancels Prom, feeling uncomfortable with the same-sex relationship. Meryl Streep, James Corden, Nicole Kidman, and Andrew Rannells portray Broadway stars who learn about Emma’s situation and decide to intervene.


The musical numbers are incredibly catchy. Meryl Streep and Jo Ellen Pellman are standouts, offering charming and humorous personalities. It may have helped pacing if a few songs and character arcs were cut or shortened. If you enjoy poppy feel-good musical tunes I recommend streaming the songs and if you like what you hear as I did go see The Prom. I couldn’t help but smile throughout the positivity bursting off the screen.

Final Verdict:Incredibly catchy songs, an uplifting positive message, and charming characters.